Principal UX Designer Client Services

  • Collaborated with clients, product owners as well as key stake holders to improve customer engagement.
  • Created a custom UX Design Process based on clients needs as well as both customer & industry research.
  • Created Information Architecture (IA), wireframes, high-fidelity visual comps & interactive mock-ups (Invsionapp) with associated specs for development team across a responsive design experience (Desktop, tablet, & mobile)
  • Designed comps for Stearn’s B2B & B2C (Consumer Direct & M_LO) applications (Android & iOS)
  • Represented the customers points of view in discussions of new product features & overall product strategy.

User Journey




Strategy & Concept

Revamp Stearns Ledning with a fresh new look while keeping the customers needs at the forefront of the desing process. We developed a custome UX Design Process based on both the clients needs & User Research. We then devleoped the initial wireframes followed up with high fidelity comps & an Invisionapp demo.

We wanted the customers to tell us who they are & what they wanted out of the home buying process. Their journeys were an impoortant part of the not only the design process but also allowed us to customize the information based on that journey.

Stearn's Lending Refinance Demo

UI / UX Design


UI / UX Design

iOS App

Strategy & Concept

Provide a unified Uer Interface between Stearns Lending site & both their Cunsomer Direct (B2C) & Loan Officer (B2B) applicaitons. We desinged our intial sketches & comps based on the UI for the new site but made changes in order to design the apps around Googles Material Design. This allowed us to make the right design choices to ensure the applications would not only look good but also perform for both the customers & Loan Officers.


Tom Feeney
San Jose, CA


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